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What's New – Earrings and Bangles

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been busy making new pieces which was a nice

Turning My 9ct Gold Scrap Into A Pair Of Earrings

For someone who’s loved silver forever I seem to have an awful lot of scrap 9ct

Wedding earrings – white & gold

Wedding earrings – white & gold  

‘ Guincho Purple ‘ JEWELRY

JEWELRY Guincho Purple   Available here: ‘ Guincho Purple ‘ JEWELRY  

Long Soutache Clip On Earrings

Long Soutache Clip On Earrings ;   Available here: ETSY Long Soutache Clip On Earrings.

Aromi – Soutache Earrings Mix Colour


Small Green Clip On Earrings Soutache

    Click HERE to buy

Dangle Drop Earrings Red Soutache

          Available here : ETSY  

New Earrings Using Patterned Bronze Sheet

One of the pairs is made with a leaf vein texture. It’s really easy to get

Beige , Yellow And Gold Earrings Soutache

    Available here: ETSY