Disappointments and Products that didn't meet Expectations

ponedeljek, januar 02, 2017

Not that I’m one who keeps it only on a positive note here, just stroll through my New in and Empties posts and you’ll see I’m not so forgiving to products, but I very rarely gather them in one post. I’ve done Best Buys for 2016, but I was watching some YouTube videos and I felt inspired to do disappointments as well – it’s only the best way to start a new year, right? I went through my New ins just from 2016 and counted a record amount of misses just in one year. I don’t know if I’m just that hard to impress (my family is probably screaming “Yes, you are” right now) or it was something else . 

I won’t write which one I bought and which one was given to me because it doesn’t matter, but please read all these disappointments posts critically. You’re smart enough to recognise this is just one opinion. When I criticise a product, I emphasise it didn’t work for me and most products are not bad, they could still work for a different type of either skin/hair or personal preference. There are over 40 products on the list (I told you, it’s crazy), I included a few I got before 2016 because I use/look at them a lot.


MAYBELLINE Fit Me foundation normal/dry skin – This is just so greasy, it never sets on the skin, which in turn means it also doesn’t last long and my biggest pet peeve – it makes my smile lines visible from space. I don’t like how it looks on the skin, even now when my skin is completely dry (literally feels like sandpaper), but damn it, the colour is beyond perfect for me. | Positive review (video)
RIMMEL Lasting Finish Nude foundation – a.k.a. foundation from hell. I despise it, it makes my skin look horrible because it slips into every pore, emphasises smiles lines and almost always looks patchy on my nose. I actually had comments on how bad it looks on me. I hate it – I still use it on most days because, you know, the shade (us Snow Whites have so little choice), but I hate it. I use it for mixing with darker, better foundations. | Positive review 
L.O.V. EffectFul Concealer Pen – another product I hoped was similar to Maybelline’s, but it has such a light coverage, needs a lot of time to set, the sponge is hard and I notice no brightening effect. I’ll of course use it up because the shade is great and it was expensive.
WET’N WILD Cover All Concealer Palette – this not that bad and the colour correcting bit works, however, the formulation of the three correcting shades is too thick for my taste (highlighter is great though). I don’t like these paste-like products that need to be warmed up before use. | Positive review
BEYU Strobe & Define Palette (not on the picture) – actually not a bad product and I love it has everything you need for contouring, however, both BeYu powder products I’ve tried are so loose. I prefer more pressed, silkier formulations. | Positive review
L’OREAL Blush Sculpt Trio Contouring Blush – again not a bad blusher at all, however, they call it a contouring blush and you just can’t create a 3D effect with these, also because of the unfortunate packaging. Plus it has chunky shimmer and this shade on the picture, 102, is more like a bronze eyeshadow.
BEYU Beauty Blender – the worst makeup sponge I’ve tried so far and I’ve used both cheap ones and the most popular one. It doesn’t expand at all when wet, feels stiff/hard and bouncing it on the face is almost painful.


BEYU Liquid Fine Liner – I liked this a lot from the start because it’s super precise, but I got it only a couple of months ago and it’s already too dry to use.
BEAUTY UK Eyeshadow Collection No.7 Naked– First row is just a bunch or poorly pigmented shades that look the same on the lids and in the bottom row, the last two shades also look the same. Only three shades are useful in the palette. 
L’OREAL Brow Artist Sculpt – I know I’m not really one to judge because I don’t use brow products, but I just don’t get the applicator. Shades are also strange and the formula is odd too. | Positive review


BEYU Scandalous Lips 81 Instant Feeling – this should be called a sheer stain because that’s what it is. It has only a hint of colour on the lips and because of the shade, it doesn’t look that even. The formula is very old school and I just prefer more modern, cream gloss formulas.
L’OREAL Baume Caresse 706 Coral me Back – I don’t think this is sold anymore, I guess L’Oreal recognised it’s not the best formula, but it’s just a clear lip balm. They could add a touch more pigment, even if it’s a lip balm.


ESSENCE Studio Nails All in One Complete Care – Definitely not all in one and as a top coat it takes a million years to dry, while as a base coat it feels almost a bit rubbery. I still use it every time as a base because I have nothing else. 
ESSIE Fiji – if you ever wondered what formula from hell is, this is it. I still use it on my toes because it’s a nice colour and it doesn’t matter how horrible the application looks.


BALEA Reinigungs Öl – I know so many adore this, but I just don’t get it. It’s so light, I need to use a ton of it and it doesn’t even remove mascara well. It’s just not comparable to more expensive products IMHO. By the way, I see it’s still sold on DM website. I thought it was discontinued? | Positive review
GLAMGLOW Supermud Mask – I’m not saying it’s bad, actually it’s really good and I’m really happy Nadja gave me a sample, it’s just not magical and it’s majorly overhyped for what it is – a clay mask with scrubby bits (unlike most I feel no tingling). I find it insulting they charge so much for a damn face mask. I get the same effect with L’Oreal’s Exfo mask, but they are not dupes. | Positive review.


AFRODITA 100% Spa Sugar Scrub – I expected something along the lines of Soap & Glory scrubs, but this is sooo oily, you can’t wash it off and it leaves this heavy layer behind. Flake Away also leaves a bit of an oily filter, but at Afrodita’s it’s just too much. At least it scrubs well. | Positive review
AVON Bubble Bath – for years I read reviews of mountains of bubbles with this and I got barely a 5 cm cover of foam no matter how much I used. Eurospin’s/Hoffer/Lidl baths are better. | Positive review.
SILISS Créme Dépilatoire – I basically just realised I hate all depilatory creams, powders and other chemical preparations. They remove maybe 30 % of hair on me and it’s not even smooth. This one just doesn’t work on strong hair.
SILISS Stripless Wax – as satisfying this is too use and painless, it again manages to remove less than a half of hair. And I mean a half a cm long, strong hair. On a 1-2 mm long hair, you get no effect.
AFRODITA Hand Cream Olive 2 in 1 – This is just too old school for me and it takes way too long to sink in. I prefer Balea Pflegecremes and L’Occitane hand creams.

VISETT Haar Stop – this deserves a special place in hell! I paid 8 € for this and of course I didn’t expect some amazing results, I’m not stupid, but I at least hoped it’ll help me shave less often because I get maybe a half a day of smooth legs (seriously FML!), but this does absolutely nothing. It doesn’t even work as a moisturiser. I just wanted one bloody extra day. I hate it with intense passion and I want my money back. | Positive review


L’OREAL Elseve Extraordinary Oil Conditioner, Mask and Oil – I adore the shampoo from this line, it’s the best ever for really dry hair, but the rest of the line is disappointing. Even though the mask and conditioner have a thick formula, they do nothing on my dry hair and the oil is light as water. Try if you have normal/quickly oily hair with moderately dry ends. | Positive review
AFRODITA Serum 10 in 1 Protection – I don’t know what this is. It’s not a regular, nourishing oil and it’s not a silicone, shine-giving styling oil. It just does nothing and doesn’t even smell nice. As you can see, it’s being used, but it’s useless to me. | Positive review

PHYTO Phytovolume Volumising Shampoo – I get that volume shampoos are mostly drying, but this one completely stripped my hair, the texture is so liquid and I noticed no more volume than usual. It’s probably good only for very oily hair.

If you’re wondering what happens to these – well, a majority simply gets used up. I have this very annoying habit where I use products I hate because I want them gone, while saving my precious good stock. Plus I paid for these/worked my backside off with a review, I’m not going to just throw them away. I do give away some of them to people who I think the product will fit better, mostly makeup.

Have a great day!

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